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Like I said in Basic Training, The reason Elizabeta and I earn new sales every day is
BECAUSE of implementing these skills.

Learn the Five Critical Skills. Connect back with us and we will walk you
through each of these ONE at a TIME. These are: 


 Learning how to get quality traffic and track your hits.


First Assignment:
 Go inside Training Courses in PMS & Read Free TrafficFree Traffic 2 and Free Traffic 3 on getting effective traffic.

Second Assignment: 
Learn how to TRACK your links. Ask your coach for thier suggestions.
If you need free Tracking then go here for how to set it up: HERE

If you have all the tools in the Power Lead System (PLS) do this to track your links,
Click HERE 

Third Assignment:
See if you can get 1000 hits in one week using the methods shown.

Building your own Splash Pages

This allows a bit of yourself
to come through and connect with people -
especially if you brand your pages with your picture. 

Building your own capture pages allows you to create the first part of the equation:
the "know” inside "know, like and trust.”

Fourth Assignment:
See if you can make a basic page using Splash Page Maker
inside PMS. 
To get details of how to create basic to advanced Splash pages:
Go to "Training Course" Tab, and then scroll down to "Splash Page Success" Tab.

Get back to your coach with your link to your page and let them see what you created! 

Fifth Assignment:
Now that you have got the basic's, you're ready to start learning more:

Begin HERE

WIf you have created some splash pages, then move on to Crucial Skill 3.
But don't forget to come back to learn more advanced splash page making!



Building your own list. 

You’ve heard this a bunch of times I’m sure.And it’s true.
Your capture pages have to be good enough to get enoughsubscribers each week
to build your list.


Communication with your list.

This is the most vital part of the equation. I call it
the "electric connection” that has to take place between you and your subscribers
and your potential clients.



Building your own funnel pages.

A funnel page is kind of like a Walmart:
you go to Walmart to get a birthday card and walk out with a tv. LOL.
So you have to learn the skill of building an online funnel that works
similar to this example. PMS IS an effective online funnel!


To get help learning these skills one at a time using the Prosperity Marketing
Splash Page builder, Autoresponder, Jeff Amans ad copy and understanding
this awesome funnel Darren Orlander has made (PMS), please contact us,
so we can get back with you and help you learn!


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and we will get back with you ASAP!

Want to be coached through our Sixteen Steps to understand
how to build a BIG TEAM?
You can go through our Into Step and learn some really
valuable lessons below:

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We're looking forward to working with you! 

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